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Previous Grants

(Partial listing)

Renewable Grants

California Energy Commission microgrid grant for electric bus multi-regional transportation network - $5.0M - total project over $15M - scored first in the competition


USDA Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) solar project winner in the large grant category.


Air Pollution Control District CNG Fuel Infrastructure Grant - $669,941.


California Transportation Infrastructure grant for electric buses for sixteen counties - $8.6 million


Microgrid grant for the world's largest renewable energy company.


Food Production Investment Program (FPIP) Grant for the third largest agri-business corporation. $2.1 million


U.S. Department of Energy Tribal Infrastructure Grant - utility-scale solar project for a Native American tribe. $2 million


CalTestBed research grant for second life EV batteries for a Silicon Valley startup


Hydrogen fuel manufacturing plant powered by solar


Electric vehicle manufacturing plant


Plastics Recycling Company - Business Plan, Loan Package and Grant - $8 million














Grant Research and White Papers


Grant research for a Virginia company that develops software for driverless vehicles.


Grant research and white paper for a Texas company developing on-site 3D printing for the construction industry utilizing a 150-foot robot arm.


Grant research for a New York company with software for banking analysis in collateralized securities financing renewable energy projects.


Grant research on nanotechnology utilized in treating wastewater


Grant research and white paper on energy storage and the so-called Duck Curve in utility-scale electricity generation


Grant research on second-life EV batteries

Other Grants and Related Projects

Middle Mile Broadband Grant for the largest company in the world - $37 Million

Housing Disaster Relief Grant - $3 million

















Wrote four of ten winning school safety technology grants out of a pool of 153 applicants.

Helped pass state legislation to fund $3 million in education technology grants and assisted on two of the six winning technology grants. Helped write the grant that finished seventh in this competition and found alternative corporate foundation funding for this project that is now approaching $4 million.


Wrote three winning corporate foundation grants for a nonprofit organization to fund STEM initiatives for rural Native American high schools, and urban minority middle schools.


U.S. Department of Commerce Broadband Planning and Mapping Grants - $6.3 million


Drafted the Digital Arizona Council’s 189-page broadband plan under a federal grant. Coordinated the statewide Arizona broadband outreach program.


Co-authored a winning federal USDA grant on rural broadband availability. Authored a broadband study on the availability of broadband for rural and so-called remote rural schools.


Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) for a real estate company - $50 million


Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) for a currency trading company - $5 million


Request for Proposal (RFP) response and submission for an audiovisual company for a five-year state contract that won in every category.


Part of a team that wrote a Pennsylvania licensing application that graded third out of some five hundred applications, and twenty-five licenses were awarded.


Wrote the first grant ever funded by a federal United Way for animal rescue.















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